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Snap This

As part of a 'hyperthetical' exhibition a group of 9 designers create an interactive and engaging exhibition. With the idea of impacting a change of behaviour.


As a group we will all wanted to display pieces of work that provoked a change. 

We split the group into different areas to work on the aspects of creating a brand 

- Socials

- Logo

- Strategy

- Web design

We came up with the overall name OI - 'Original Ideas' along with the title 'worthing shouting about'.

The logo reflect this shouting emotion that we want to come across within all of our pieces.

Oi Final Logo-01.jpg


Each piece of art work when used with the app will show a simple animation within and around the bottle. 

The drawing and animating process were done on procreate, using the stop motion technique to create a simple animation.

The title I chose for my exhibition work was 'Snap This' This was to give the buyer of the bottle from the vending machine an incentive to scan the QR code with their camera. But also use this again on the posters.

energy poster.jpg


For my exhibition piece I wanted to centre this on the impact of plastic pollution. I chose to have this exhibited in and around the vending machines, as this is a popular area for recycling.

I wanted to use the plastic bottle as a piece of art. By adding a QR code that will allow you to download an app that when used over the posters within the surrounding area this will bring the plastic bottle to life. 

back of bottle.jpg


The exhibition mock ups show how the final idea will work if the exhibition had gone ahead. (covid restrictions)

vending machine and poster mock up.jpg
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