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Bad Photo examples

Good Photo examples

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Photo guide

Do's & Don'ts


  • Take clear and sharp images, if you are struggling, try using a treat or toy infront of the camera.

  • Take pictures in natural daylight, this can be by a window.

  • Capture the photo at their level, so the camera is at eye level. 

  • Fill the photo. If you can zoom in without loosing quality then this is better than a distant photo.

The better the picture, the better the portrait



  • Don't take pictures in low light or dark places.

  • Don't use a flash.

  • Don't take pictures from above or odd angles

  • Do not take pictures on snapchat, instagram or any other social media platform, this lowers the photo resolution.

  • Do not use screenshots.

  • Avoid taking pictures from a distance.


If you are struggling let me know, I can see what I can do with the pictures you've got.

If unfortunately the pet you want commissioned has passed away, send me as many pictures as possible. I can see what I can do.