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You can decide between Digital Portraits and Coloured Pencil Portraits

Digital portraits will be sent via Email.

leila cat paper mock up.jpg

This will be sent via Email, created on my iPad on procreate. 

Coloured Pencil Portraits are hand drawn using the best quality pencil and materials. 


Margaret paper mock up.jpg
“I gave them the portrait and they’re delighted. There were a few tears but they couldn’t believe how beautiful it was and a perfect portrait of him. It’s just how he was and we talked about him and his good nature. Thank you.”

Margaret, Customer

Untitled_Artwork 107.jpg


Portrait sizes given are the drawing size. When mounted this will increase (size given)

All portraits are mounted at no additional costs.

Frame sizes are measured to fit the mounted size.

Payments are made securely online through PayPal & bank transfer.

For more than two subjects add 25% onto the cost given.

Prices include UK tracked delivery 

(for international prices please enquire)

All prices given are for a digital file, price depends on amount of subjects.



Coloured Pencil Portraits take 2-4 weeks to complete depending on availability, please book in advance. 

If you want a Gift voucher instead you can buy one here



  • Only the highest quality materials used

  • Your portrait comes professionally mounted

  • Advice on photographs

  • Gift wrapped for delivery 

  • Signed Certificate of Authenticity with portrait aftercare information


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6 x 6

£ 90

Inc P&P

For one subject

Only suitable for head and shoulders

Comes in a single mount


Ideal for a gift or for a

small wall area

£ 130

For one subject

£ 170

For two subjects

Inc P&P

Only suitable for head and shoulders (two) or full body (one)

Comes in a Double mount


Ideal for a gift or for a

small wall area


£ 190

For one subject

£ 250

For two subjects

Inc P&P

Suitable for full body portraits

Comes in a Double mount



£ 240

For one subject

£ 300

For two subjects

Inc P&P

Suitable for full body portraits and multiple head portraits

Comes in a Double mount

14 x 11

More Than Two Subjects?

If you want more than two pets on a portrait please add 25% onto the price given per subject

Uk and Worldwide

Untitled_Artwork 21.png



Shipping prices will be between:

GBP £7 - £15

Euro €10 - €40

USD $20 - $70

AUD $30 - $110

CAD $30 - $110

£ $ €

Paying in a different currency?

If you are an international customer I do offer payments in other currencies.

Please use the link below to convert the overall cost of the portrait you would like to commission.

This is only an estimate.

Request a Quote

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Thanks for submitting!

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