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Part of my Graphic design course. This studio project was aimed at creating a brand and campaign for a live project - Cheltenham Zero. Proposed by the Cheltenham city council to help reduce Cheltenham's carbon emissions to zero by 2030


Working together as a Studio we split off into different groups depending on what areas are needed to create a Brand. To start with we needed a logo. 

We decided to go with a typographic led brand. This helps the logo be inclusive and can be used on a variety of touchpoints and further projects. 

We came up with the tagline 'Our brighter future starts now' this signals towasrds the 2030 deadline to reach Zero emissions. We also wanted to highlight Cheltenham within this. Being a festival town we wanted to reflect this within the brand. 

Chelt Zero Final Logo and slogan-01.png


Together our work was presented to the Cheltenham city council. Each of our touch points/initiatives shown how the branding and messages can be used throughout the City to spread the message. We as a studio wanted to show these messages in fun, different and interactive ways. 

By doing so this helps spread the message further. We also wanted to use social media as a big contribution to this project. As this is a project that is aimed at all ages especially the new generations, this tool would be invaluable. 

bin mock up6.jpg


Using a countdown concept with typography we wanted to highlight this countdown towards 2030. This also creates a fin GIF which can be used within different areas. 

As a group we decided on what fonts would be used colours and concepts. This was so the work is cohesive and fits the brief. 

We worked on separate touchpoints that highlighted within the 'roadmap' provided by the Council to help reduce our emissions.

new logo idea website_edited.png
names .png
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