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Can you draw a portrait from a poor/old Photograph?

I always ask for clear and detailed photographs, however I understand that in some cases the portrait maybe of a pet that has passed away. In that case I ask for more photos to help with the portrait. I will also edit and clear up the photo if possible.

Please send your photographs to


How many photographs do you need?

I only need one clear photograph, please see my photo guide to help you choose the best photo. However I may contact you for multiple photos.


Can you do multiple portraits on one paper?

Depending on the size of the portrait you are after I can fit 2-5 pets on one sheet of paper. This will be an extra fee per pet added, also the time will increase.


How long does it take to complete a portrait?

Each portrait can take 2-4 weeks to the complete, depending on the size and how many pets are on the portrait. When booking your portrait I will give you an estimated time of completion. If you require your portrait by a specific date then please contact me 2 months in advance. 

I will contact you once you portrait is completed with a picture for your approval. I will then post your portrait, please allow 3-5 days for this to get to yo


Is my portrait refundable?

No, all of my portraits after the deposit has been taken are non-refundable. I send a digital mock up before the deposit is taken to ensure that you will like the final portrait.


Can you remove and change things on the photographs?

Yes, I frequently get asked to remove collars, eye sleep, warts or toys/items that are in the photograph. I will send you a digital mock up for your approval before you go ahead with the portrait.

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