The Uninhabitable Earth

For the Penguin competition Brief I chose to redesign the book 'The Uninhabitable Earth' 


To start with I wrote down the main points to focus on and how I can branch out from here. I wanted to have a narrative to the audio. I started researching about the effects on climate change on our oceans. This led me to the benefits Whales have on our climate. 



Taking the drawings from procreate and importing into After effects. Each layer was animated and used separately to create the simple animation effect that I wanted. 

Screenshot 2021-05-08 at 15.12.04.png


From my research I drew some studies of different whales. This was to see how the shape and movement when coming to animate will look. Each element of my animation was drawn on procreate. 


For the final. animation I amplified this with extra audio clips to add to the surrounding elements. 

The title and small description at the end tie in the research behind the Project.

final Book MockUp.jpg