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The Uninhabitable Earth

For the Penguin competition Brief I chose to redesign the book 'The Uninhabitable Earth' 


As part of the brief we had to take inspiration from the book to develop our ideas. These had to be unique, different and stand out. 

To start with I looked through the book and read the first chapter. Within this chapter was a lot of phrases and words. I wrote these down incase I wanted to use these later on. 



From my quick ideas I developed this into taking pictures of some notebooks and damaging them in water, soil, moss and rust. I eventually used these photos alongside my first ideas to create the final idea. 

Screenshot 2021-05-08 at 15.12.04.png


As a quick introduction to the brief we were asked to create some quick ideas that we could work from later on. 

I chose to do some simple ideas around the idea that the book had been left on the uninhabitable planet and had weathered and worn down. I wanted to experiment with texture and typography.

Hardcover Book MockUp penguin v1


For the final piece, all of my experimental pieces are brought together. I added some rusted metal bottle caps on the back to simulate the pollution left behind.

final Book MockUp.jpg
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